Inflate tires, gear, or toys in 8 Minutes or less. If anyone else gets a flat, you can be the hero of the trip and fill up to 8 tires on one charge!

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Air Pump is a hands free, “smart” inflation device that uses auto-sensors to pump up everything from a car tire to a sports ball up to 150 psi in 8 minutes or less.

America’s Top “Smart Pump” Can:

  • Detect your current PSI
  • Auto-control the air output
  • Inflate up to 150 PSI in 8 minutes
  • Automatically shut-off
  • Inflate up to 8 tires on a single charge

The Best Way to be Prepared

We all love a good road trip or vacation, but all it takes is one bad tire to ruin the whole thing. Air Pump fits is as small as your hand and it fits in any nook inside your car or backpack. It can bail you out of a flat tire emergency and fill it up on the spot - no pumping, blowing, or mechanics needed.

  • Hands-free design
  • Longer battery life
  • Automatic safety controls
  • Compact and made for travel

Finally, spend less time inflating tires, mattresses, floaties, and other gear, and more time enjoying your trip or vacation! Air Pump is small and light enough to carry in your pocket and powerful enough to inflate a full car tire within minutes.

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Life-Saving Features

If you ever get stranded while on the road or camping, Air Pump can help you find safety. The built-in LED light can signal for help in the dark, and the included charging unit can charge up to 2 phones at once

If anyone else gets a flat, you can be the hero of the trip and fill up to 8 tires on one charge!

  • Ultra Compact

    Weighs less than a pound and tucks neatly into any small space

  • Inflates Anything

    Rapidly inflate floaties, mattresses, sports balls, and more

  • Powerful Air Output

    No other air pump can inflate up to 150 PSI in 8 minutes or less

  • 2000 MAH Power Bank

    Includes a USB cable, you can charge up to 2 phones at once

  • Emergency LED Flashlight

    Backup light in case you’re stranded in the dark

Get Faster Air Inflation Now for 44% OFF

Why Choose Air Pump

Air Pump is the only air pump on the market with “smart” air pumping power of 150 PSI in 8 minutes or less. All it takes is a few seconds to safely top up your pressure with a built-in PSI sensor, or just a few minutes to fill up the whole tire from zero.

You can hit the road in total confidence with built-in safety features, plus save hours of time and money from hand pumping your gear or expensive mechanic visits due to tire emergencies.

Rapidly Inflate Anything in Minutes:

Soccer Ball

  • Basketballs

  • Bicycle Tires

  • Air Mattress

  • Car Tires

Inflatable Tubes

  • Smart PSI Detection

    Air Pump has a hands-free design and smart sensor that detects your current PSI and inflates up to .1 of your selected pressure. This protects your tires from dangerous overinflation.

  • Stay Safe on the Road

    Air Pump comes with essential safety features like an LED flashlight and external charging unit so you can always have juice on your phone and stay calm and safe in the dark

  • Long Lasting Charge

    It only takes 2.5-3 hours to charge your Air Pump, and one charge can fill up to 8 car tires to completion.

  • Save More Time For Your Trip

    You no longer have to waste hours on your camping trip blowing up a mattress or precious vacation time in a mechanic’s garage. Air Pump lets you take control and inflate anything in less than 10 minutes.

  • Save up to $1,000 from a Tire Emergency

    Between paying for a tow truck, visiting the mechanic, getting new tires, and manual labor, you could easily be $1,000 in the hole after getting a flat. Air Pump is ready to use right away on your own and won’t cost you a penny or a trip out of your way.

3 Simple Steps to Inflate Any Tire or Gear

You can save hours of time and rapidly fill up any tire or gear in 8 minute or less.

Get Faster Air Inflation Now for 44% OFF



Costs You Money

Save Hours of Time and Inflate Anything Faster

Air Pump is the smart solution for saving time and being on the road safe and prepared.

  • The Fastest Air Pump Speed

    Air Pump saves you hours of time on your trip or vacation by pumping up all the essentials like swimming tubes, air mattresses, and bicycle tires in just a few minutes.

  • Easy to Use

    Simply plug the device into the air valve, set the new PSI, and Air Pump will fill up to within a .1 PSI safety margin and automatically shut off.

  • Fully Equipped and Ready to Go

    Air Pump comes with a USB cable for charging as well as a free adaptor for Presta, Schrader and Needle valves, making it compatible with nearly any tire or gear

What’s included with Air Pump?

  • The Air Pump
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Ball Needle Adapter
  • Presta Valve Adapter
  • Schrader Valve Adapter
  • Microfibre Storage Bag
  • User Manual
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

What do 26,000+ Americans have
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I’m an avid cyclist and every year I take a big trip riding along the west coast from upper Washington state to southern California, including camping along the way. I need air for everything from my tires to some essential camping gear. Air Pump is by far the most essential item in my pack and I’ve used it countless times in emergencies as well as daily life on the road. I truthfully wouldn’t feel safe if I did the trip without it, and I recommend anyone else who cycles to get one, too.

Corinne G. Bloomington, IN

On our family vacation last year we brought 4 nieces and nephews which was on top of our 3 kids! With such a huge group, we could have spent hours setting up the air mattresses and floaties for the lake. Air Pump was so easy to use and took off a huge load of stress, especially since it has an automatic shut off so you don’t have to watch it all the time. We keep one in every car now, plus our summer camping bag.

Curtis L. Clanton, AL

If you’ve ever gotten a flat tire on the road or been stranded while on a trip, you can’t afford not to get Air Pump. This tiny little device has saved my life with the included charging unit plus helped others stranded with a flat more times than I can count. It takes up no space at all and the charge lasts for ages. I make all my kids and my wife carry one in their cars at all times.

Kimberly E. Hope, KS

Get Faster Air Inflation Now for 44% OFF