Superfoods in Your Diet to Fight Off the Flu!

Health, Life Style, Wellness December 3, 2021

For many people, coffee gives them the boost they need to start the day. Surprisingly, this drink can do much more than quench someone’s thirst. Coffee can be used in these nine unique ways. You’ll never look at coffee the same way again.

Create air freshener for the home

You can give your spot the sweet smell of coffee with a homemade air freshener. Simply fill a pot with coffee beans, two tablespoons of molasses, and two cinnamon sticks. As the pot simmers for two hours, the aroma of coffee will fill the air.

Improve your garden

If you need fertilizer for your garden, use coffee grounds. Fortunately, coffee grounds have important nutrients for plant growth, including iron and nitrogen.

Take care of your drain

If you have a clogged drain, combine a cup of coffee grounds with dish soap. Pour the mixture down the drain to help clean things.

Get rid of insects

Insects can be annoying if you don’t have the right repellent. Fortunately, coffee grounds can cause insects to cower in fear. Place a bowl of coffee grounds in areas where insects are seen the most.

Wash your hands

If you don’t have any hand soap, use coffee grounds instead. Wet the coffee grounds before rubbing them on your hands.

Get rid of fleas

If your pet has fleas, coffee grounds can help get rid of them. Rub them on your pet after you’re done shampooing them.

Take care of your hair

You can rub coffee grounds in your hair to remove residue left behind by shampoo. Do this while taking a shower to see better results

Get rid of odors

Coffee grounds can remove nasty odors in certain areas. Store a decent amount of coffee grounds in the fridge to prevent smells from rotten food.

Quickly melt ice

If you don’t have rock salt, coffee grounds are the next best thing. Dump a ton of coffee grounds on the ground before a snowstorm hits.