Avoid dangerous blood clots (easy method)

Health, Life Style Sep 13, 2022

The human body relies on the circulation of blood. Without interference, the blood flows as it should. When there is interference, a blood clot can form.

Blood clots are a condition that occurs when the blood thickens, typically when it slows down. They’re not always dangerous, but if a clot travels to certain areas, such as the lungs, it can be life-threatening.

What Causes Blood Clots?

Millions of Americans have a blood clot, often without knowing it. They’re caused by several things, including injuries, infection, and the use of certain medications. With some knowledge and care, most blood clots from these causes can be prevented.

Another common and typically more controllable cause is inactivity, as the blood slows down when the body isn’t in motion. However, it’s not resting or sitting occasionally that causes a blood clot.

Instead, it’s long periods of inactivity that lead to trouble. For instance, binge-watching your favorite show or working from a desk keeps the legs motionless for an extended amount of time.

How to Prevent Blood Clots

To prevent blood clots caused by inactivity, there is one simple step to take: be more active. If you work from a desk, set an alarm to get up and move every hour or two for a few minutes. Also, do stretches from your chair and move your legs around while sitting.

If you’re binge-watching a show, do the same. Or try watching while walking on a treadmill or walking around your living room. You should also aim to exercise for 30 minutes a day, five days per week to stay healthy.

Not all blood clots can be prevented. However, by keeping yourself active and avoiding sitting still for extended periods, you greatly decrease your chance of developing one.