The Auto-Rescue Tool We Hope You Never Need

No one likes to think they’ll be the victim in a dangerous car accident. But your preparation for this unforeseen event could be the difference between life and death.


What Every Fire Fighter Wishes You had in Your Car…

Automobile accidents are the number one leading cause of non-natural death in America. While some incidents are beyond rescue, there are many victims who might have made it out in time — if they had the proper tools to help them.

“Firefighter Cameron Marshall of St. Matthew’s Fire and Rescue recommends a multi-tool or pocket knife equipped with a safety seatbelt cutter.”

If you are conscious after an accident of such severity the presence of an auto-rescue tool may save you precious minutes. In the emergency world, minutes matter. Minutes can be the difference between a fatal car accident and a recoverable injury.

You don’t have to feel helpless.

While first responders are on the way, you can feel prepared for the emergency at hand. The self-rescue device is extremely compact and can be stored in a location near the driver. It can allow you to cut your own seat belt and easily break your driver's side window.

There are several safety tools that everyone’s car needs to have. But an auto rescue tool is a life-saving mechanism and should be at the top of your priority list.

Whether you are prepping your own vehicle or sending your brand new teen driver out on the road — you need to consider the knowledge of our firefighters and rescue personnel.

Make their jobs easier by buying an auto rescue tool for yourself and your children.

A Life-Saving Mechanism for Car Accidents on Land and in Water

Getting trapped in your car after a serious car accident requires immediate action. While rescue personnel rush to the scene, you can still escape a car if the doors are jammed or the vehicle is submerged underwater.

Conveniently Compact and Lightweight

The auto safety tool is only 1.5 ounces and roughly 4 inches long. Because of its small size, it can easily attach to the car or be stored in a pocket or purse.

Smash a Window in Seconds

The spring-loaded steel tip works with just a firm press of your hand in the corner of the window. When there may not be space to swing a small hammer - this device allows you to shatter a window in one second with minimal space and no physical exertion.

Slice through a Seat Belt

The U-shaped blade of the mouth is specifically designed to slice through the thick material of a seatbelt with ease and minimal strength.

Safety Features

The auto rescue tool has a thoughtful design for portable use, compact storage, and effortless operation.

Top-of-the-line safety equipment with stand-out features for you and your loved ones.

The affordable 2-in-1 auto rescue tool is a must-have for any car safety kit. Make sure your new teen driver or elderly parents have the most effective tools to keep them safe on the road.

Compact and Lightweight

With no extra bulk, this mini device provides maximum safety features without taking up room.

Steel Tip

Car windows are designed for impact. A steel tip with spring-loaded technology in the corner of the window is the most effective way to break the glass.

Protective Safety Caps

Clips onto the mesh of a seat cover, the side pocket of your center sole, or even a pants pocket for easy transportation.

Simple Press Activation

Unlike car hammers requiring force, this device is activated with a firm press. The spring-loaded steel tip smashes the window with minimal effort.

Adhesive Mount

Mount your rescue tool anywhere in seconds with the adhesive strip that can securely attach to a plastic or metal surface. 

Razor Sharp Blade

Hook the U-shaped mouth of the blade onto the seatbelt and push forward. The design and sharpness of the blade can slice through seatbelt material in seconds.

Hundreds of glowing reviews with an overall 4.6 out of 5 stars!

Rick C. Verified Review

Easy to mount/easy to use. It even provides a sample glass plate to try it on. Coincidentally, my wife was trapped in her car a week before, so this seemed like a logical purchase for us.
I recommend it to anyone with a car!

Chris O. Verified Review

I was extremely surprised at how well this works, I tested it on the piece of glass it comes with and the glass exploded. I didn’t have to use much strength and it does it’s purpose, this is a must have in your emergency kit.

The trouble with modern cars — especially electric ones

These days car windows are increasingly more difficult to break. They are extremely durable and require a great deal of force to break.

— Unless you have the right auto-rescue device. 

Modern times have also produced electric cars with car handles that sit seamlessly into the body of the car. However, in an unforeseen accident, the handles may malfunction. Meaning the windows may be your only means of escape. 

As times change, car owners need to understand these various features and purchase the correct auto rescue tools to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Practice Using Your Auto Rescue Tool


Step 1

Get Familiar

Unbox and familiarize yourself with the tool. Remove the safety caps and inspect both the blade and steel tip sides.


Step 2

Set Up Your Glass

Glass is included to practice using the spring-loaded tip. Set up the practice glass in a secure area and wear protective eye gear.


Step 3

Shatter the Glass

Hold the steel tip directly on the glass and press firmly down. The steel tip will spring forward and shatter the glass.

Don’t postpone your safety. Listen to the recommendation of your firefighters. Secure your 2-in-1 auto rescue tool today.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Purchase your auto rescue device RISK-FREE. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, simply mail it back - no questions asked - and receive a full refund!