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Polarized Light Adjusting Outdoor Sunglasses

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The clear lenses in this set are transition lenses 

That means that they get automatically darker as the sun gets brighter and then when the sun goes down and day becomes night, they turn back to a clear transparent lens perfect for night vision. These lenses down at your local Harley dealer will cost you $$$

Not only does this set feature the brand new transition lens, but it also features 3 other styles of lenses depending on what bad boy biker image you want to portray on any particular day.

The set comes with..
✅1 x Polarized Gray Lens (Sunny days)
✅1 x Copper Lens (Sunny days)
✅1 x Yellow Lens (Cloudy days/Night)
✅1 x Clear Transition Lens (Any weather)

This set is on a special right now but Supplies are limited so act fast!

Lens Height: 4.5cm
Frame Width: 13.5cm
Lenses Material: Polycarbonate
Lenses Optical Attribute: Polarized
Frame Material: Plastic
Package: Fabric Bag, Strap, Original Hard Case

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