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Our smartwatch provides all the insights you need to crush your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Accurate Metrics and Motivation at a Glance 

It’s true what they say, “Knowledge is power”. Reaching your fitness goals without accurate knowledge is impossible. The truth is, your health and fitness journey is complex but the tools you use to achieve them should be intuitive and simple. 

That’s not the way you were meant to live your life, and now you don’t have to.

Stop blaming yourself for falling short of your dream body or health goals. Feeling confused or disappointed or stuck is so normal. We all hit those walls.

Building a healthier lifestyle is in the top 3 most common New Year’s resolutions. But only a projected 9% of those who make these promises will achieve their goals.

So, what gives? We all want to live long, healthy, and happy lives… why can we just do it? The difference is motivation and knowledge.

The Rival Smartwatch is the sidekick you need to break through the slump of your health and fitness fatigue. It is equipped with advanced motion recognition to accurately track your steps, calories, heart rate, sleep, and much more!

The Smartwatch syncs this real-time data to your phone. Putting the powerful knowledge of your body's movements right in the palm of your hand.

Be encouraged and feel motivated by progress you can see and track every day.

The user-friendly and sleek design of the Smartwatch will revolutionize how you tackle your goals daily. Its comfortable lightweight fit allows you to wear it all day. You can stay connected to calls and notifications at work and seamlessly transition to your workout all without missing a beat.

Never miss a call

The smartwatch connects to your phone allowing you to accept or deny a call with just one touch.

Track all your favorite activities

Choose from 8 different sports modes that will increase the precision of your workout analytics.

Classic and simple design

From the board room to the gym enjoy a stylish full-screen display that makes navigating all the features a breeze.

Our Favorite Features

Slip into Rival’s stylish and feather-light smartwatch. Simply sync your watch to any compatible smartphone, wear it for a few hours, and watch your stats rack up.

The Rival Smartwatch empowers your health and fitness goals through tangible insights and helpful reminders.

When our information is accurate our plans are created for success. The advanced features of the Rival Smartwatch allow you to set goals and track your progress.

Health Tracker

Log vital information including heart rate, blood pressure & oxygen levels.

20 Day Battery Life

Wear more and charge less with powerful long-lasting battery life.

Smartwatch Notifications

Receive calls, texts, and important notifications without lugging your phone around.

Sleep Tracker

Monitor your sleep cycles and assess your sleep quality and duration for improved rest.

Fitness Trackerr

Be reminded to move on stressful days. Accurately track workouts with 8 sport modes and monitor your steps and calories burned.

Weatherproof & Durable

IP67 waterproof protection makes your watch versatile and ready for adventure in the rain or sun.

Just Don't Take Our Word For it:

Jacob L. Verified Review

“I have been using this for 3 months now, it's super comfortable & lightweight for all day wear! I love the way it tracks my workouts & gives me prompts when I need them the most.”

Matt R. Verified Review

“The progress tracker helps me set weekly goals for steps to calories to sleep, so it keeps me motivated to reach them! The quality is superior to the expensive brand smart watches out there for sure! ”

Invest in your best self and create the fitness accountability we all need.

Reach your goals and live a healthier lifestyle with the motivation of an intelligent easy-to-understand smartwatch. No more guesswork on your progress. See physical results reported to you in real-time. 

It’s the ultimate health and fitness sidekick to motivate you, remind you to move, and track all your success in one place. 

Don't miss out. Join the other 2000+ satisfied customers who are conquering their goals today!

Get your Rival Smartwatch up and running in 3 Simple Steps:


Step 1

Download the App

Download the DaFit app on Google Play or Apple’s App Store to your mobile device.


Step 2

Pair with your Phone

Pair your smartwatch with any Android 5.0+ version or smartphone with an iOS 9.0+.


Step 3

Strap it on

Remove the protective film from the watch and strap it to your wrist. And let the smartwatch do its’ thing!

Don’t put your health on the back burner of life. Join the Rival revolution today. Over 2000+ smartwatches have already sold.

Shop RISK-FREE with our 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply send it back and receive a full refund!