16 Signs Your Body Needs a Detox

Health, Life Style, Tech March 29, 2024

In recent years, detoxing has become a bit of a social trope. From celebs to health gurus and self-proclaimed wellness coaches, detoxing has been hot on everyone’s lips. It’s reached a point whereby it has become more of a buzzword than anything else but is there still merit to what was once nothing more than a celeb-fuelled diet fad?

Well, the jury is in and it turns out that detoxing has a bevy of health benefits, helping people who struggle with relentless health issues reset their bodies and revitalize their energy levels. Let’s face it, with the crazy busy lives we all lead nowadays, who doesn’t need a mind-body overhaul?

Why you Should Detox

There is one thing that most opposers of holistic health interventions have to say about detox regimes and that is that our bodies have their own natural cleansing systems. They’re not wrong. Everything from your lymphatic system to your skin, lungs, and digestive tract work in harmony with your liver as well as your kidneys to excrete waste from your body. The only problem with that line of thinking is that our bodies are loaded with far more toxins and carcinogens than ever before. When it comes to cigarettes, alcohol, processed foods, environmental chemicals, and other pollutants, our antiquated – albeit sophisticated – natural detox systems don’t stand a chance!

Add to that all of the emotional stressors, as well as a lack of time to really engage in the correct exercise routines, and our bodies are under siege. The cherry on top of that sickly cake? Well, it’s the fact that most of us have careers that require us to be seated in front of a screen for the vast majority of our day. Now, what does that do to our bodies?

  1. Sitting has been classified as the new smoking. The amount of time that we, as average Americans, spend sitting – whether for work or leisure – has greatly spiked our risk for multiple variants of cancer and Type II diabetes.
  2. Excess screen time throws our circadian rhythm out of whack leading to an array of issues, including poor gut health. If you don’t already know this, your gut is responsible for your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

So, if we really need to support our bodies in eliminating harmful toxins, how would we know the right time to do it?

1. You Suffer from Indigestion

Our gut microbiome is responsible for our physical and mental health but the lifestyle that we lead often wreaks havoc on this delicate microbial ecosystem. Eating processed foods, living a high-stress life, and taking antibiotics more often than you should, all destroy the balance of flora in your gut.

If you’re suffering from food sensitivities, acid reflux, constipation, bloating, diarrhea, or a combination of any of these symptoms, your gut is trying to tell you something. The best remedy would be to detox and then load up on probiotics (before a meal) and prebiotics (just before bed).

2. Your Skin is Screaming for Help

Acne, rashes, bumpy, sensitive, itchy, and flaky skin are all signs that your body is not processing toxins sufficiently. Consider changing your skincare routine to more organic products and lay off the makeup as well as perfumed moisturizers for a while. If you don’t notice a change in your skin conditions, it’s time to detox!

3. You Constantly Feel Lethargic

We tend to normalize feeling exhausted and wrongfully attribute it to having a busy schedule or not getting enough sleep. More often than not, it’s actually our bodies that are overloaded with toxins that make us feel completely rundown. Try the detox methods we’ll be providing you with and watch in awe as the pep in your step returns to you.

4. Drinking Water. What’s That?

If you’re of the mindset that H2o is only meant for watering plants and bathing, you’re in a whole lot of trouble – health wise that is. Water is an essential element that your kidneys and liver use to eliminate toxins from your body. If you don’t have enough water in your system, these toxins stick to your internal systems and cause diseases.

5. You’re the King (or Queen) of the Couch

Leading a sedentary lifestyle doesn’t allow for toxins to be flushed out via your skin. When we move around, not only do we massage our lymphatic system and help it cleanse our bodies, but we also sweat which allows harmful excrement to leave our bodies via the skin.

Try to spend at least an hour moving your body and, if you can, get an adjustable desk that allows you to stand while working for at least part of your day.

6. Your Mood & Mental Health are Erratic

Eating heavily processed foods, consuming alcohol in large quantities, and abusing prescription medication are just some of the ways that you could be unknowingly impacting your mental health. We’ll say it again: your gut is linked to your mental health and all of those habits could be impacting your anxiety levels via your gut microbiome.

7. Migraines are a Way of Life Now

If you live on painkillers due to your crippling headaches and migraines, that is not normal! If you’re a smoker, take this as a warning sign to stop or at least cut back. If you’re not drinking enough water, it’s to take your hydration seriously. You wouldn’t try to drive your car on an empty tank or without having checked your oil and water levels, so why would you try to run your body to the ground without fuelling it correctly?

8. You Struggle to Concentrate

Brain fog is a tell-tale sign that you’re in dire need of a detox. This is especially true for people who live in smoggy cities where pollution levels are at an all-time high. If you struggle to remember things of importance and find that you can’t concentrate for even the shortest periods of time, you need a cleanse ASAP!

9. You Can’t Seem to Lose Weight

Our bodies hold on to toxins that can lead to weight gain if our systems don’t have enough support to flush out those toxins. If you’re already an active person who eats fairly healthy and yet you just can’t seem to shake off that extra weight, you may be suffering from a toxin overload. A simple detox can help you recalibrate your hormones so that you can get back to a healthier, more comfortable weight.

10. You’re Always Sick

A body that is riddled with toxins will have poor immunity. It’s just a fact. If you’re constantly battling viral infections, strep throat, respiratory issues, and nagging coughs that take ages to go away, your immune system might be in trouble. It’s best to work on your internal cleansing system so that you have a solid immune foundation.

11. You Crave Sugar and Caffeine

Certain food cravings are a sign that there is an imbalance in your gut bacteria. So-called harmful microbes live in our gut and when the good microbes are in short supply, the harmful ones take over our systems. While our bodies usually crave things that we are lacking, these microbes interfere with normal hunger pangs and cravings by sending mixed signals to your system. Ultimately, they’re trying to get you to consume more of what has them flourish and has the good bacteria dying.

Detoxing will help you rid yourself of excess harmful bacteria and the toxins that caffeine and sugar have deposited in your body so that you can restart a healthy eating regimen.

12. Your Body is Constantly Stiff

Excess chemicals in our body lead to joint and lymphatic inflammation. This will have you feeling as stiff as a corpse every morning and you might even battle with constant aches and recurring sprains. If you’re suffering from joint or muscular pain, detoxing and exercising will increase mobility and flexibility.

Other Precursors That Demand a Detox:

We’re not just going to overwhelm you with this list and leave you hanging. Up next, we’ve got a simple detox regimen that will have you feeling all brand new!

How to Detox

  1. Increase your daily water intake. The amount will vary according to your own hormonal balance, but 16 cups a day should be sufficient for men while 12 cups should suffice for women. Take note of how the seasonal shifts impact your hydration levels. If you tend to get headaches in hotter weather, it might just be that you’re dehydrating. Increase your water intake accordingly. (PS The colder your water is, the faster you’ll rehydrate!)
  2. Incorporate at least an hour of movement in your day. Whether you just do a slow jog on the spot in front of your computer or dance it out – just get your body moving!
  3. Eat food in its most natural form and substitute normal table salt with rock salts such as Pink Himalaya Salt. In other words, if you can’t tell which part of an animal your meat comes from and your veggies are pre-cut, they’re probably overly processed and low on nutritional value.
  4. Avoid or greatly reduce your sugar and caffeine intake.
  5. Boost your detox regimen by adding the following on a daily basis:
    1. Flor-Essence Daily Detox Formula;
    2. Ginger and garlic supplements;
    3. Green tea;
    4. Prebiotics
    5. Green Superfood Protein Powder.

t’s important not to overload your body with too many detoxifying agents. Read the labels of any supplements that you purchase very carefully and consult with your family physician if you’re unsure about whether certain supplements can be taken in conjunction with any prescription medications.

Your body needs you to think consciously about it. You need to be accountable for your health and take your body’s restoration processes into your own hands. If you spot the warning signs above, you can use the simple detox methods we’ve provided to get you back to a healthier, more energized version of yourself.

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