Game-Changing Gear for Seamless Cycling

Dare to be adventurous with our Cycle Secure’s 4-in-1 Bike Mount — providing security and convenience at your fingertips.

Must-Have Multifunctional Safety Equipment for any Biker

Ride the thrill of adventure without the risk of a ruined day getting lost on the trail or worse, injured with a dead phone. Thrill-seeking mountain bikers, avid cyclists, or casual weekend bike riders can all enjoy peace of mind when equipped with the gear to keep them safe. 

It’s daunting. In fact, an estimated 3 out of 5 Americans admit to feeling overwhelmed when it comes to the health and wellness industry. Today's market is oversaturated with information. And overpriced with complicated regimens.

Sure, you could keep your phone in a backpack or side pocket. But any time you’d like to see the trail you are cruising, check in coming weather, or remain accessible to your family and friends, you have to pull over.   Never fall behind the pace. We’ve got the solution for you.

Join the pros, get the gear you need, and take your biking game to the next level with Cycle Secure’s 4-in-1 Bike Mount.

Most bike mounts can simply hold your phone in place. And this is handy but, what if your bike mount could do more…

Cycle Secure’s Bike Mount is the ultimate attachment if you want to:

► Securely hold your phone with shock-absorbing technology

► Ride in the dark with one-handed touch illumination 

► Easily alert others with 5 unique horn sounds

► Get a fully charged phone on-the-go

Worried About the Avid Rider in Your Life?

Give the perfect gift of the Cycle Secure bike mount. It’s everything they need for a great ride and everything you want for their safety.

Charge up and Stay in Touch

Equipped with a built-in phone charger for additional battery life. Mount your phone and use its navigation system - hands-free - ensuring you stay on the trail and arrive safely.

Keep Others Aware

Choose from 5 different horn sounds to alert your fellow cyclists, walkers, and cars that you are approaching.

Maintain Sight

Early morning commutes or sunset trail rides are no problem for the built-in light containing 3 levels of brightness and a wide field of view.

Advanced Features

The 4-in-1 Bike Mount takes your comfort and safety to the next level by intuitively providing all the necessary features in one seamless and slim device.

When You Ride Worry-Free You Can Ride Faster!

Don’t fidget with frustrating and faulty equipment. Focus on the ride ahead and enjoy the confidence that comes from Cycle Secure’s Bike Mount providing the gear you need for a worry-free trip.

Durable and shock absorbing

Keep your phone locked in place and reduce the risk of damage.

Bright Light

3 modes of lighting, including a strobe for safety purposes.

Simple installation

Clip it onto your bike handle with no attachment tools.

Loud Horn

5 effective and loud horn types to alert others from a distance.

Versatile Use

To firmly hold and charge any standard smartphone.


Water resistant and built extra durable for rough roads.

The Go-To Equipment for Any Biker!

Wendell B. Verified Review

Good price and extremely effective!
“This product saves space in my bicycles ‘cockpit’ by combining 3 functions in 1: light, phone holder, and horn. Added to that, it serves as a power bank for my phone. Great combination.”

Michael W. Denver CO Verified Review

“I love that I can charge my phone while riding my bike and although I listen to my music non-stop my phone stays set even on longer rides. It’s not too techy, so it’s even easy for someone who isn’t tech-savvy to install it.”

Prioritize the safety of your next ride now.

Your spouse and friends will thank you for taking the precautions you need on any bike ride.  

The Secure Cycle Bike Mount helps you remain visible and see the trail in the dark, use the horn system to alert others in your surroundings, and store an extra phone battery life to continue the use of GPS navigation.

Stay in the game for longer with the ultimate adventure gear for any biker who values safety and convenience. 

Level up your biking game today!

Set Up Is As Easy as 1-2-3:


Step 1

Charge Up

Remove your Bike Mount from its packaging and charge up using any USP-compatible outlet.


Step 2

Clip On

Easily attach the bike mount to your bike Handle using the clip for a secure hold.


Step 3

Attach Your Phone

Slip your phone into the adjustable fit mount. Test out the light and horn. And enjoy your ride.

Get the Most Versatile 4-in-1 Bike Gear Attachment Today and Enjoy Longer Rides Safely. Limited Stock.

A 30-day money-back guarantee means you can shop Risk-Free and no questions asked on any return. If you are not satisfied with your bike mount, simply mail it back and receive a full refund!