Fight Glaucoma, Eat THESE Foods

Health, Life Style Sep 30, 2023

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in the United States, yet few people know much about it. With over three million sufferers, everyone from infants to seniors is at risk of developing this condition, which robs individuals of their sight when pressure builds up in the eye causing damage to the optic nerve. While there’s no currently no cure for glaucoma, recent research suggests a healthy diet may lower your risk. Read on to learn which fruits and vegetables might just help save your sight.

Eat your fruits and veggies

Researchers discovered that people who regularly consume fruits and leafy greens high in vitamins A and C along with carotenes lowered their risk of developing glaucoma. Study subjects who reported eating kale, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, peaches, and carrots showed a 20-30% lowered risk of glaucoma.

Brew a cup of tea

Scientists who surveyed 1,678 people about their diet discovered something interesting: participants who drank a daily cup of hot tea were 74% less likely to have glaucoma than those who did not. The study, however, did not distinguish between different types of tea such as green or black.

Snack on dark chocolate.

If you’re looking for a healthy indulgence that’s good for your vision, dark chocolate is a great option. Chocolate is known to have blood pressure-lowering compounds called flavonoids that help increase blood flow to the brain and eyes. One study discovered that subjects showed improved vision just two hours after eating one serving of this delicious treat.

Eat more fish

Australian researchers reviewing nutritional data from 3,865 people saw a correlation between higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids commonly found in fish substantially lowered the risk of glaucoma. Flaxseed and walnuts are excellent alternatives for anyone who’s not crazy about seafood.

Keep in mind that what you don’t eat is as important in the fight against glaucoma. Wise lifestyle choices include maintaining a healthy weight, cutting back on salt, caffeine, and alcohol, while regular glaucoma screenings along with a frank discussion with your eye care professional are the keys to maintaining healthy eyesight.