Best Time to Take Medication

Health, Life Style, Wellnesss August 22, 2023

The efficiency of medication depends on when you take them. While medication is a prescription drug, its strength factor can switch on how instructions on one’s medication are being followed. This is called chronotherapy. While a nurse practitioner or pharmacist always knows best, there are some basic guidelines to know.

Blood pressure medication should be taken early in the day. If you take any diuretic pills that might make you urinate more, take your medication at a time when you can control the side effects and risk factors. This will allow you to have a restful night of sleep. Similarly, if you have any thyroid condition, make sure you take your medication early in the morning before having anything in your stomach. Taking your medication on an empty stomach allows any sort of IBS type of side effect that might affect your day.

People who have asthma might suffer opposite effects since they will find that they have trouble breathing at night. Because so, it is best to take oral medication mid-afternoon. If taking inhaled steroids, it is best to take them later in the afternoon to allow the best rest at night.

This is a similar process for individuals who suffer from cholesterol issues. Individuals who take cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are recommended to take them at night to allow the body to slow down. By doing so, when the individual has not eaten the cholesterol production ramps up.

While the process varies for each individual, the time medication must be taken is the same each day. By doing so, the body is accustomed to taking down the vitamins and therapy to allow the body to break down the nutrients it needs to continue to function. In developing a routine, an individual is allowing their body to function as best as possible.

* Always follow your doctor’s advice when it comes to taking your medication.