Is it OK to Buy Fish from the Grocery Store?

Health, Life Style August 8, 2022

Sometimes there are so many choices at the grocery store that it can be completely overwhelming, especially when it comes to buying fish for your dinner table. For this reason, we’ve put together a little cheat sheet so that you can have these tips in mind and be a more seafood-savvy shopper.

What Kind of Texture is it?

What you should be looking for in fish meat is a moist, firm, freshly-cut piece. If you see that the scales look rugged, ruffled, or discolored, and the fish looks like it’s been beat up, look elsewhere.

The Eyes are the Window to Your Next Delicious Meal

When you set out to buy the entire fish as a centerpiece for your dinner table, inspect the fish’s eyes. If they look sunken, dry, or cloudy, that fish was caught a while ago. Freshly-caught fish’s eyes look wet, shiny, plump, and clear as a crystal, just like our eyes do when we are good and healthy.

Something Smells Fishy Around Here…

When fish has reached its limit, and is past its prime, it smells bad. That fishy smell you smell means that these fish are not spring chickens, if you know what I mean. Fresh fish smell like the sea that they came from with a faint cucumber odor, and nothing more.

Take Your Fish Straight Home

Grab your fish last if you’re running errands, and don’t let it be a backseat driver, because warming will cause the fish to lose quality in the way of taste and texture. When you reach your destination, put Mr. Fish in the coldest part of your fridge (not the door!) as soon as you can—this is usually on the bottom shelf in the back. Then be sure to cook and eat your fish within 24 hours of buying it to preserve the most flavor.

Shop at a Reputable Store

In order to get the best, most fresh fish, shop at a store that is up to snuff in the seafood department. You want your meal to be as high-quality as possible, and your belly and your family will thank you for it!