Dry Eyes? Try This Simple Exercise

Health, Life Style March 17, 2022

Did you know that you can get rid of dry eyes through exercising? A healthy workout seems to work wonders on your health. But it can also do the same for your eyes. Moreover, exercising your eyes serves you longer than the quick-fix methods you may use.

A new study shows that instead of using eye drops and other eye treatments, you can choose to remain physically active and achieve ocular health. We understand that maintaining a healthy workout can be challenging, especially if you’re working long hours. Nevertheless, we recommend trying out simple blinking exercises from wherever you are.

It may come as a surprise that something you do subconsciously actually helps with dry eyes. For an average human being, you’d tend to blink roughly 15 times per minute. However, with today’s shift in working from home, and staring at screens all day, that average drops to more than half.

Making it a habit to blink regularly will help renew the tear film that keeps your eyes moisturized, thus reducing dry eyes. But how often should you blink in a day? Is there a right way to do it or a sequence to follow for best results?

Well, choosing an activity that you do routinely should work best. It can be reading your phone messages or checking your emails. Then, make sure that each time you do this activity, you take a few seconds to close your eyes, pause for two seconds, then open them. After that, close them again, pause for two seconds, and then squeeze your eyelids together as hard as you can for two seconds. Once done, open both eyes and proceed with your day.

It is recommended to do these sequences at least twenty times a day, in twenty-minute intervals. With these simple exercises, symptoms like itching and burning sensations from dry eyes are sure to reduce or cease to exist.