Foods That CAUSE Hair Loss?

Health, Life Style February 24, 2023

Certain Foods Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is an issue that plagues people around the world. While it can come from a variety of causes, including genetics and hormonal changes, many people are surprised to learn that they could be eating their way to hair loss. Below are just five types of food that can cause you to lose your hair.


Alcohol in small amounts typically does not cause hair loss, but consuming high levels of alcohol regularly does. It dehydrates the body and the hair follicles, which promotes a high production of acid. This depletes protein that is necessary to keep hair strong.


Unsurprisingly, fish contains mercury, which is one of several heavy metals that cause hair loss. Fish is good for your health, so it still needs to be part of your diet. However, limit your intake and choose fish with low levels of mercury, such as salmon and light tuna.

Fried Foods

Fried foods can lead to too much oil in hair glands and increased testosterone levels in men and women. Both of these can contribute to hair loss.

Red Meat

Red meat is a great source of protein, which the body needs. However, too much red meat leads to high cholesterol and saturated fat levels, both of which can lead to hair loss.

Sugar And Simple Carbohydrates

Sugary desserts are a great treat, but they can lead to many health issues and hair loss. Cookies, cakes, and even sodas impact blood circulation, which interferes with nutrients’ ability to reach hair follicles. They also increase the production of sebum, which builds up and causes hair loss.

The best way to prevent and potentially reverse food-related hair loss is to change your diet. Eating balanced meals, taking vitamins, and limiting your intake of the foods listed above are great steps toward improving hair health.