Keep Your Brain Young By Doing One Simple Exercise

Health, Life Style, Wellness July 4, 2022

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste”. We often hear the old adage and simply gloss over its true meaning. But how do we really keep our minds in the best possible shape for optimum functionality?

Mind Over Matter?

Is it as simple as doing a few crossword puzzles or memorizing a few phrases each week? Or is there something more? The phrase “use your head” appeals to the cognitive ability of the brain at its highest capacity. However, our brain function can be compromised as we age into our golden years if it is not stimulated properly.

The Antidote

The Fountain of Youth has yet to be found. Thus, we have to work with what we have to keep our brains working like a well-oiled machine. Recent studies show that walking and other forms of moderate exercise can possibly help improve the memory and thinking ability of older adults. Further research also tells us that just six months of moderate exercise such as pedaling a bike or walking can cause a significant improvement in brain function.

Doing these simple exercises have been known to improve the brain’s ability to regulate behavior, pay attention, achieve goals and even get organized! And if you really want to turn it up a notch, committing to a diet that includes more fruits and vegetables has been known to yield even more impressive results.

Studies have shown that if done correctly and consistently, these practices can help shave years off your brain’s current age. Adding credence to the fact that living a healthy lifestyle will improve your brain health and overall quality of life. There is a growing sentiment among health experts that a healthier flow of blood and oxygen to the brain helps to boost older adults’ mental capabilities.

So exercising three times a week via walking or riding a stationary bike, and making fruits and veggies a staple in your diet, will give you the blueprint to a healthier brain and a more enjoyable life. Let’s do it!