Ways To Keep Yourself and Your Home Warm During the Winter Weather

Health, Life Style, Finance November 19, 2021

As the temperatures dip in winter, it's imperative to know how to keep your body and home warm. Furthermore, it's easier to adjust your body temperature by just wearing an extra layer of clothing.

However, this quickly becomes an option of whether to jeopardize your stylish look to keep warm. Thus, here are some tips to help keep yourself and your home warm during winter without having to compromise.

Reverse The Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan usually creates air circulation by pushing cold air down as warm air rises in the room.

Locate a switch that reverses the direction of the blades on your fan to make it push warm air down while pulling up the cold air.

Please consult the user manual of your specific ceiling fan to learn more about the reversal button if you cannot locate it.

Insulate The Walls and Windows

Nearly half of the heat produced at home gets lost through walls and windows, which is why you need to make sure you limit the amount of heat leaving your home through insulation.

Polystyrene beads have become common materials used for insulation because you can fit them between wall cavities or on the exterior of the walls if the space does not allow them to get strapped.

As for the windows, the films resemble bubble wraps, which makes it easy for you to fit them on top.

Use Smart Heating Devices

HVAC systems such as heat pumps and space heaters are ideal for ensuring that your home stays warm during winter.

These smart-systems will adjust the temperature accordingly to ensure that you and your surrounding environs stay warm.

To conclude, you can control most of these systems via an app on your smartphone so that you don't have to waste energy when your home is already warm enough.