What Food Is Actually Safe For Your Pets To Eat?

Health, Life Style, Wellness July 4, 2022

When our pets are around us, we love to take care of them, whether it’s with a friendly pat on the head or a quick belly rub. We want the best for them, too, from a comfortable bed for their naps to the food they eat on a daily basis. But how do we know what’s safe and healthy for our furry friends?

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the agency has been conducting an investigation into more than 500 reports of canine dilated cardiomyopathy. The FDA is looking into the relationship between the canine disease and dog foods that are marketed as grain-free. While there is a lot of incorrect and misleading information on pet health and care on the Internet, universities and organizations such as the World Small Animal Veterinary Association have countered the misinformation with factually based websites that list nutrition guidelines for pets.

In fact, veterinarians remind people that although their pets may be a part of their families, the dog or cat may have different nutritional needs than humans, especially for different breeds at different stages of their lives. While many pet food trends mirror the human diet trends of the day, it’s not always the healthiest or safest option for your dog’s diet to follow your own. When people became more enamored of gluten-free and low-carb diets, so did the pet food industry. Pet foods soon became grain-free as well, in keeping up with the human trend, but families should not shop for their pet food as if they’re shopping for their own food.

Experts recommend that pet owners buy their pet food from bigger, more established companies. These companies tend to have a larger staff of scientists and nutritionists who are able to identify problems sooner and deal with them more effectively than newer businesses.