Never Get a Mosquito Bite Again with This Ultrasonic Watch

This Wrist-Watch is the Newest Insect Repellent on the Market

Protect Yourself From Pesky Mosquitos and Bugs With an Ultrasonic Bug Watch

Mosquitos are the worst.

They bite, make you itch, and they ruin an otherwise perfectly pleasant day outside in nature. To get rid of the nasty little pests, you could do like most people and use a chemical spray or lotion that smells terrible, wears off with sweat, and could even have negative side effects on your body.

In fact, some name brand insect repellent creams have been linked to skin blisters, seizures, memory loss, headaches, and shortness of breath.

Is it too much to ask for a way to keep those pesky bugs off of your body all day long, without having to reapply constantly or even risk your and your family’s health?

With BuggWatch, now you can!

The Smartest Way to Keep Bugs OFF

This ingenious new bug repellent watch keeps pesky bugs and mosquitos out of the way, both inside and outside. It snaps right onto your wrist like a regular watch, but it emits a continuous ultrasonic sound frequency to create a protective barrier around your body from mosquitos and other bugs.

Protects from Mosquito and Bug Bites

The ultrasonic sound waves emitting from the BuggWatch watch cause confusion for mosquitos and other small insects, making them fly away from your body and saving you from itchy bites.

100% Non-toxic

The watch contains no harmful chemicals or any side effects. It doesn’t interact with your body at all, it simply releases ultrasonic sound waves that cannot be detected by humans or pets like dogs and cats.

Safe for Children, Babies, & Pets

The watch is safe to use for everyone in the family, and the more watches you have, the more repellent you get!

Advanced Technology for a Bug-Free Life

How does BuggWatch keep the bugs away?

Many bugs like mosquitos can feel tiny frequencies and vibrations in the air, and they communicate by sound. When you wear the BuggWatch watch, the bugs are confused by the frequency of sound coming off of it, which causes them to run or fly away to avoid it.

Light & Durable

Reinforced craftsmanship makes it comfortable on your wrist and durable for outdoor activities.

100% Non-toxic

BuggWatch emits sounds outward, and they are harmless to humans and pets.

Safe for Everyone

Adults, children, pregnant women, and pets can all wear the watch to keep mosquitos and bugs away from their body.

Great for All Activities

Go camping, swimming, hiking, fishing, walking, or riding, and never deal with a pesky mosquito again

No More Mosquito Bites

You can finally enjoy the outdoors again without constantly batting away mosquitos.

Protect from Other Insect Bites, Too!

The ultrasonic sound waves help ward off flies, fleas and ticks, silverfish, cockroaches, and bedbugs, too.

Just Don't Take Our Word For it:

Michale S. Chicago, IL | Verified Review

It’s amazing how much nicer your barbeque can be when you don’t have horrible mosquitos biting you. I didn’t think about them once while wearing this watch, it’s incredible.

Run J. New York, NY | Verified Review

If there’s one thing in this world I hate, it’s mosquitoes. This is the only device I’ve ever found that actually keeps them away, and it’s such a cute little watch!

Never Get Bitten Again with the BuggWatch Watch

You should be able to enjoy your time outdoors without worrying about pesky mosquitoes nipping at your skin.

When you wear the BuggWatch watch, you and your family will love being outside again without worrying about getting bitten, and you won’t be in any danger of side effects from toxic creams.

That’s why over 30,000 customers love BuggWatch, and they say

“It’s the best way to keep bugs off!”

Join over 30,265 (and growing!) Americans who are loving life without the bites.

BuggWatch comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and you can return it for a full refund if for any reason you’re not happy with how it works.

As an existing Hits Design Clients customer, you can get a discount up to 70%. Don’t wait to keep the bugs away and protect your family from bites!