WARNING: Most US States May be Without Power in Approximately 4 Weeks

“The push for green energy is forcing power grids to shut down, and they’re begging all Americans to get prepared now.”

Just about half the country can expect to see extended blackouts this year, threatening the safety and livelihood of millions of families.

And for what reason?

The political push to switch to green energy.

Despite sounding like a “nice” idea, experts say the push for green energy doesn’t work at all. They’re expecting that most states’ power grids won’t be able to handle the strain, and electric companies will be forced to have blackouts to lighten the load.

The entire Midwest, Northwest, New England, New York, Texas, California, and New Mexico may be hit the hardest by these damaging changes as they were already vulnerable to begin with. As a result, electric companies in these states are urging their customers to prepare for the worst: blackouts that could last for days.

Smarter & More Efficient than Flashlights, Candles, or Generators

Americans experienced 6 or more hours of blackout time in 2020 on average, but that number is projected to reach record heights this summer.

That means you’ll be spending hours in darkness worrying about your family and safety concerns like tripping and falling down stairs and panic and fear for young children.

But there’s a way to protect your own home from the outages that plague your neighborhood and your state, and it does not require forking over $5,000+ for a power generator.

A much smarter and economical way to keep your lights on and your family safe is to go with an affordable emergency light system called Recovray.

Easy to Install

Just screw it into a regular light socket and does not required any complicated tools

Safe to Use

It stays cool to the touch and has no risk of knocking over and starting a fire

Efficient and Less Energy

Recovray uses 80% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs, and it lasts 50 times longer.

A Bulb You can Count On

Recovray shines bright for 6 hours back up light with 800 Lumens like a full lit room

World Class Features & Easy to Use

Recovray Advanced Technology to Give You Light and Help Keep You Safe

Recovray uses a combination of “smart” technologies to function as a regular light and also a survival emergency light. It automatically turns on whenever there’s a power failure so you can always be in control of your surroundings, and there’s no fumbling around to find it when you need light most.

Instant Light in an Emergency

Avoid the panic and accidents that come with a power outage, and always have light in your home.

Automatic Surge Switching

The light automatically switches from regular light to LED in the event of a power outage

Total Visibility

See plainly in an emergency with 800 lumens of LED light

No Need for Maintenance

All you do is screw it into a regular light socket and go about your life, never think about it until it turns on in an emergency.

Self Charging

The smart battery charges whenever you flip on the light switch

Energy Saving Feature

The LED light in Recovray uses 80% less energy than your standard incandescent lightbulb.

Just Don't Take Our Word For it:

Tina M, WA | Verified Review

When the power went out in Texas in 2021, ours was the only house on the block that was prepared. The Recovray made it much, much easier to handle the emergency.

James R, CO | Verified Review

So far we’ve had 2 power outages since installing the bulbs in 2021. We didn’t even notice the second one happened until we saw no lights outside. They work super, super well.

A much smarter and economical way to keep your lights on and your family safe is to go with an affordable emergency light system

I didn’t realize these bulbs would lower my bills, too!

These are seriously a must-have in every home, since they give backup light but also you can carry them like a flashlight.

If you replace all of your lights with the Recovray, you’ll even see the benefits in your electric bill, not only in your peace of mind.

....A Must Have Survival Tool!

Join over a million (and growing!) Americans and get prepared to protect your family from dangerous blackouts

LED Bulbs comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and you can return it for a full refund if for any reason you’re not happy with how it performs.

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