Get Rid Of Seasonal Depression the Natural Way

This light mimics the sun and beats the gloom for a brighter, more cheerful you

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can feel hopeless.

The gloomy weather and lack of sunshine have you feeling tired, lethargic, and depressed. Sometimes it’s difficult to even get out of bed.

Without any sunshine, it feels like there’s no hope that you’ll feel better any time soon.

For the longest time, therapists were prescribing pills to patients to help them feel better. Of course, these pills come with their own side effects, and they never really solved the problem.

Nowadays, anyone suffering from SAD is in great luck. There is a new way to combat the gloomy winter blues that doesn’t require any pills or doctor visits whatsoever, and it leaves you feeling cheerful, energetic, and happy - just like a bright and sunny day!

Moodozi is a specially-made LED light that mimics the sun. It makes you feel alive again during the gloomy season - full of energy and life, just like you’re supposed to feel.

A Natural & Effective Way to Feel Happy During Winter

This revolutionary new mood-lifting lamp uses LED lights to mimic the sun. Simply going about your day with the lamp on tells your body that the sun is out, and in return, you feel happier, more optimistic, more focused, and all-around more cheerful.

Be happier all season long

Moodozi helps you feel optimistic and motivated, and removes bad mood swings and pessimistic thought patterns that keep you down.

Boost energy levels

Stop relying on caffeine and have more energy the safe and natural way with bright, sunny light.

Get back in rhythm with your body

Gloomy weather throws off your body’s natural rhythms. Moodozi gets it back on track so you feel balanced and healthy and get better sleep.

It’s Easy to Feel Happy During Winter

Simply turn the lamp on during the day while you move around the house, and smile happily as your mind and body switch from down and depressed to uplifted and motivated.

How does Moodozi make you feel happier during winter?

When there is little sunlight outside, your body is tricked into believing that it is one neverending night, leaving you exhausted and depressed.

Moodozi is like your very own personal sun. With the press of a button, you can simulate morning or evening sunlight and feel energized, happy, focused, and motivated, no matter the season or weather outside.

LED Light Therapy

Mimic the brightness of the sun for a happier day

Adjustable Brightness

Get just the right amount of light from 2000 lux to 10000 lux

100% UV-free LEDs

Totally safe - no cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation or blinding light pollution

Adjust Color Temperatures

Adjust between 3000K to 6500K to get better sleep, uplift your mood, and boost your energy

Balances Circadian Rhythm

Get back in sync with your body’s natural rhythm and clock

Great for Travel

The lamp is compact and easy to pack, so you can take it with you anywhere.

Just Don't Take Our Word For it:

Dale R - Colorado Verified Review

“I have been living in Alaska for the last 15 years and the neverending winter nights are brutal. This lamp allowed me to feel happy, focused and less lethargic. I can finally feel good for longer than 6 months of the year”

Jennifer T. - Washington Verified Review

“As someone who has been working night shifts for as long as I can remember, this is an absolute godsend. I was able to quickly adjust my body to behave as if I was awake during the day. No more headaches, irritation and I can finally get a full day of sleep”

Use Moodozi to Feel Happy & Energized in Winter

You shouldn’t have to feel so down and depressed when there isn’t any sun. You still have a life to live, afterall!

Moodozi gives you your life back with all of its energy and optimism, just by ensuring you get enough sun. You can feel upbeat and motivated right now with Moodozi!

That’s why over 172,000 Americans use Moodozi, saying it’s:

“The only way to get through a dark and cold winter.”

Enjoy Happiness and Motivation in Winter in 3 Easy Steps:

Moodozi is extremely easy to use, and all you have to do is plug it in to feel its effects!


Step 1

Plug It

Plug the lamp into any regular outlet in a room where you spend the most time during the day.


Step 2

Adjust It

Press the button to turn it on, and the other buttons to adjust to the perfect light.


Step 3

Feel Better

The light stays on all day, filling you with a sunny, cheerful mood!

Join Over 172,265 (and growing!) Americans Who Are Feeling Bright & Cheerful This Winter With Moodozi

Moodozi comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and you can return it for a full refund if for any reason you’re not happy with how it performs.

As an existing XXX customer, you can get a discount up to 70%. Don’t wait to get better sound and better convenience now!