Extend Your Home’s WiFi Coverage Without Increasing Your Bill

Get WiFi That Reaches Farther into Every Corner of Your Home

Every home has annoying “dead spots”.

Maybe it’s the basement, the room on the far end, the front porch, or the backyard. You hold your phone in the air trying to get a signal, but you still can’t load any pages. Many people get frustrated and call their ISP to see what the deal is, but they don’t help at all.

THE BIG LIE FROM YOUR ISP is that you need a better, more expensive internet package to get better coverage.

The truth is that whatever internet package you have now is already good enough. It’s the signal that needs improving, and WiFi Extender does that easily without increasing your bills or even the need to call your ISP.

The most ingenious way to get better WiFi at home

This revolutionary WiFi extender amplifies the signal from your router so the internet reaches farther, and you have equally fast and reliable WiFi in every corner of your home.

More Freedom With WiFi

With a farther reaching WiFi signal, you can work or stream content anywhere in your home including the farthest rooms from the router and outside in the backyard or on the patio.

Block WiFi Throttling

Your ISP may try to limit or slow down your bandwidth, but WiFi Extender blocks them from doing so and boosts your WiFi to maximum speed and coverage.

No Increased Bills

WiFi Extender is the only way to improve your WiFi range without buying another router or increasing your internet bill, and you don’t even need to tell your ISP that you’re using one.

Revolutionary Features

You simply need to connect the WiFi Extender device to your router to start boosting the signal, and you’ll have a full four bars in every corner of your house (and maybe even parts of your neighbor’s house as well).

How does WiFi Extender increase the WiFi coverage in my home?

The secret behind the internet boosting power of WiFi Extender comes down to its dual 3D internal antenna which picks up signals from your router and amplifies their reach up to 5x farther. The result is that you no longer have dead spots or long times for loading or buffering.

60-second Set-up

One-touch WPS button sets it up

Universal Compatibility

Works with any router available in the market

Maximum Data Transfer

Get up to 300Mbps in every room

Anti-throttle Technology

Doesn’t allow your ISP to throttle your connection

No More Dead Spots

No more lagging, loading, or slow zones

Discreet Design

Simple, minimalist design blends in seamlessly

Just Don't Take Our Word For it:

Michale S. Chicago, IL | Verified Review

I work from home and I could never work on the front deck because the router is on the other side of the house and I couldn’t get coverage. I installed just one WiFi Extender and now I can work from literally anywhere, inside or out.

Ruth J. New York, NY | Verified Review

The power of this device is incredible. I’ve had up to 8 people streaming at once from all corners of the house, and it didn’t lag even once. Bravo, WiFi Extender!

Use WiFi Extender to get better WiFi coverage in your home without increasing your bill.

You should be able to get lightning fast internet in every corner of your home without experiencing frustrating dead spots or lag.

Now you can stream, work, or play online from anywhere in your home, and your ISP can never, ever throttle your bandwidth.

Better internet coverage for no added bills.

That’s why over 30,000 Americans love WiFi Extender, calling it

“The best kept secret in tech!”

Join over 30,265 (and growing!) Americans who are getting better, faster WiFi without increasing their bills.

Wifi Extender comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and you can return it for a full refund if for any reason you’re not happy with how it performs.

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